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Queen's Glory

The "SLG+ADV" game of operating the country, features the voices of two female characters throughout the whole game. The objective is to lead the dying Norman Kingdom toward prosperity Poor choices will cause the Queen to be humiliated by all sorts from the enemy...

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※ The ""SLG+ADV"" game in which you operate the Country of Norman. ◆ Plot. In 1653, the Empire of Cesten tore up the ""Twenty Years Peace Treaty"" and launched a surprise attack on the Norman Kingdom, declaring war in the process. Facing the powerful forces of the Empire, the totally unprepared Norman Kingdom was completely annihilated. During the attack on the Norman capital, the two princes of Norman died in battle as well as the king. Before he dying, the old king passed down the throne to his daughter Alisa. You will play the Queen (Alisa) who was granted the throne in these dark times. Facing the threat of the Empire of Cesten and the covetous eyes of the neighboring countries, can you lead the Kingdom of Norman to a greater and prosperous future despite almost losing your country? Can you avenge your family and your kingdom against the Empire after three long, hard years? ◆ Gameplay Instructions. There are three national political affairs that occur in the game every month. You balance them all and achieve development among several core aspects of the kingdom including [Military], [Economy], [Agriculture], [Politics], and [Popularity]. There will be many events that occur during the course of the game, including reforms, noble rebellions, the attack of neighboring countries and financial reforms. It is recommended to develop the various aspects and values of the country, balance the domestic political factions, and capitalize on wisdom to develop the country and defeat your strong enemies in these desperate times! ◆ Game Features. ・ 60,000+ word script. ・ 3 different game endings. ・ 32 basic CG events, including 200 different illustrated variants. ・ Strategy/Simulation game consisting of operating a country and tactical gameplay.

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