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Woman's Prison

One day you were dispatched to a women's prison to take charge of the lives of the female prisoners and explore the inner secrets of those girls. There are six girls to be explored.

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◆Story "Baioret Women's Prison" was a prison for female criminals who had committed crimes, and I was the highest official here, the "warden". I just could not believe it! My father actually sent me here? What the hell was going on here!!! In my understanding, isn’t the prison all male? And even if it was a women's prison ..... Why was it me? ◆Play Methods The main game method is to act as the management of the women's prison, and the female inmates of the prison and the warden live together. You can explore their private lives and learn the truth behind this entire prison. There are a total of six girls to be explored in the game. You can get close to each of them, or you can obey the warden's orders and work well. Or collect enough evidence to report to the warden and become the real ruler of the prison. In this environment, of course, there are many restrictions and regulations. If you disobey the warden, you are likely to receive the love education from the warden ..... Are you going to obey the warden and do your job, and only see and not do anything with the girls in front of you? Or do you want to disobey the warden's order and enjoy a good time with the girls? ◆Game Features ◇15 basic CGs, including more than 100 differences ◇6 female characters available. ◇The game text is 70,000 words.

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