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The protagonist, Neil, grew suspicious of the church that had raised him after he participated in his coming-of-age ceremony, and with a sense of justice, he decided to make some changes...
處男 病嬌 誘受 NTR YAOI 背德

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◆Story Adopted by the Shan Church at a young age, Neil finally participated in his "Coming-of-Age Ceremony", during which he witnessed the dark side of the Church and got to know the young man, Essex, who made him feel protective of, so Neil began to carry out an in-depth investigation of the Church, but he didn't know that he was plunging himself into a quagmire... ◆Gameplay Instructions Through conversations with Neil, you'll delve deeper into the secrets of the Shan Church; each option has a different outcome, and some of the options will affect the endings of the game. ◆Game Features ◆8 basic CGs, including more than 40 differentials ◆Game text: 35,000 ◆No additional characters to bond with ◆Cuckhold themes included ◆Game endings: 3 types

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