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Living together with Fox Demon

You encountered a snowstorm while climbing a snowy mountain. You saved an injured fox demon in the snow and brought her back home to start a sweet life together...

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◆ Story The storm deprived me of all hope of life. As I was about to collapse, I met a fox demon who was in the same situation as me… In the end, I used her demonic powers to bring her back to my place smoothly... It seemed like we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. However, having demons around would certainly lead to things that mere humans couldn’t imagine... ◆ Gameplay instructions The game is a simulation game mainly with the fox demon Vivi. You will spend 30 days together. Four actions can be carried out with the fox demon Vivi in a day. Action commands include "Talk", "Interact", "Go out" and "H". Take her to various unique places to play and increase the positive feelings toward each other. Talk with her to understand her past and uncover her secrets… As the days pass by, you can unlock more special plot events with Vivi. There are also many different Hentai events in the game. You can do various positions with Vivi. But remember, living with a demon means you might see other demons along the way... ◆ Game Features ◇27 basic CG, including more than 300 differences ◇Love cultivation game ◇Game ending: four kinds

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