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Harem of Nurses

By chance, I acquired a powerful hypnosis device. Working as a security guard in a hospital, I decided to use this wonderful power to realize my dream: a harem with five female protagonists to choose from.
催眠 洗腦 淫亂 後宮 主奴 褐膚色/黝黑

Game news

◆Featured system  ◇Full CG mode can be turned on in the gameplay environment setting, allowing you to browse HCGs freely.  ◇Stress-free operation--fast text skipping system ◆Story “Out of my way, fuck off!” “If I had a chance, if only I had some extraordinary power…” Newly unemployed, I was daydreaming of a harem while walking down the street, when an arrogant hottie in a luxury car interrupted me. Could a hypnosis device I accidentally found on the bus be my chance to making my dreams come true? “Carry these boxes up, hurry!” “These boxes are as heavy as lead and you want me to carry them all up to the 7th floor by myself without a lift?” I was working as a humble security guard in a hospital and was being ordered around by an unreasonable female boss. In my anger, I used this dark power for the first time. “Good, you have satisfied your master. Now you need to remember my orders.” “Make sure you choose the best women carefully, I’m very picky.” After this first taste of sweet victory, I started planning my own harem. The arrogant female doctor, the gentle big-sister-type nurse, the cute girlfriend-type nurse, the strict teacher-type nurse, and the weak MILF... were all in my grasp. “This hypnotic device is clearly not a magical spell. I’m pretty certain it’s a technological product.” “Whether or not the person who made this had a greater purpose in mind, it's mine now.” But will such power be completely free of side effects? Will I be able to enjoy all the benefits of my desires and get away with it, or will I be punished, paying a price for the power and losing everything? ◆Gameplay Instructions A POV first-person visual novel. The player takes on the role of the male protagonist, who accidentally acquires a hypnosis device and looks for the right targets to hypnotize in his daily life and in his job as a hospital security guard. This is all in order to fulfill his dreams of his own harem. After using the “hypnosis device” for the first time, you are free to plan your actions every day and choose which storylines and female characters you want to explore. Available targets include: the Arrogant female doctor, the gentle big-sister-type nurse, the cute girlfriend-type nurse, the strict teacher-type nurse, and the weak MILF. Hesitation, recklessness, and excessive greed can all cost you damage or put you in unexpected danger, so you should be extra cautious when faced with a choice. The “hypnosis device” is your greatest helper. However, the more powerful it is, the more carefully it must be used. Whether you end up fulfilling your “harem dream” or losing everything depends on whether you have made the right choices. ◆Game Features ◇18 basic CGs, including more than 200 differentials ◇Game text: 80,000 ◇Five main female characters ◇Game endings: 2 types (including a bad ending and a good ending of the harem dream)


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