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Game of seduction

My name is Lun Luo, and SM is not just an interest for me but a part of my life, as natural as drinking water or eating. My favourite play partner is a female S, as it adds an extra level of excitement compared to playing with an M partner. Hey, I know some of you might not understand or agree, but so what? This is how I choose to live my life, not yours. Recently, I returned to my home country and met a female submissive at my cousin's SM club. Damn... she's absolutely gorgeous. I want to dominate, trample, tease, and love her in my own way. You... Will you help me?
男主角 OL 喜劇 SM 言語羞辱 巨乳

Game news

◇Feature System:  ◇Enable Full CG Mode in the environment settings - Free browsing of HCG (adult content). ◆Stress-free operation design - Quick text skipping system. ◇Provide comprehensive walkthrough hints. ◆Display affection level and SM value.   ◇Story: In my mind, two ideas emerged. First, I would submit to her and make her fall for me before reversing the situation. Once a woman is in love, she becomes blind and unaware. Especially for a successful career woman like her, I can imagine that her emotional life would likely be turbulent if she weren't involved with a male M. It's possible that even a submissive male M wouldn't be able to tolerate her. Making a woman like her fall in love with me would be easy. 「Don't think you can just let last night's incident go like that.」I declared to her.。 「Hehe... So what? Are you trying to threaten me with that? If I don't agree, are you going to expose that Zilin Fan as a sadist? Or have your dad fire me?」 「Do you think I'm afraid of such things?」 「You've successfully provoked me, little brat. Since you want me to blur the boundaries, I'll grant your wish. I'll play along with you as ‘Princess.’」 「Come on, how do you want me to play with you? Little brat.」 She pressed her high-heeled shoe onto my shoulder, causing a sharp pain that sent a rush of heat through my veins. I stared at her arrogantly defiant expression, and I became aroused. 「Come on, behave like a dog and please me. I'll play with you.」


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