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Dark Secrets of Showbiz

In her attempt to solve the mystery of her parents’ death, Chen Ruoxia is accidently drawn into the storm of unspoken rules in the entertainment industry. Hiding behind it is a truth even uglier... In this showbiz world surrounded by dark secrets and conspiracies, will she be able to escape with the truth or will she become their next victim?

Game news

◆Story A fire took away my parents and my happy childhood. The only thing it left me was a piece of charred leather, discovered in the fire, with the words "Chen-Yu News" written on it. I managed to survive in order to find out the truth behind the fire. Years later, I finally got the opportunity to join Chen-Yu News, provided that I investigate the ‘suicide’ of Su Nian, one of the most popular young actresses in the entertainment industry. “If you want to become your idol Su Nian, you have to experience what she went through.” The closer I got to the people around Su Nian, the more amazed I was by how dirty the entertainment industry was. The sanctimonious scouts, the malicious agents, and the powerful men of the industry... Everyone looked at me with greedy eyes and demanded that I “pay” with my body in exchange for opportunities. The mysterious app “Room S”, the strange purple liquid “soul lose”, and even more seemed to be piecing together the truth of Su Nian's death. What had Su Nian gone through? And what did this have to do with Chen-Yu News and the fire in my childhood? In this showbiz world filled with dark secrets and conspiracies, should I submit myself to those men in exchange for more clues, or are there other choices...? ◆Gameplay Instructions There are multiple options in the main storyline and each choice will affect the final ending. As the plot develops, explorable areas will gradually open up. The protagonist can choose to [Think] about the current situation, to [Examine] the items she has collected, to [Explore] another location, or to [Take a break] to proceed directly to the main plot in the morning before heading to the designated location. In the process, she gradually collects ‘clues to the truth’ and pieces together the whole story. ◆Game Features ◇16 basic CGs, including more than 180 differentials ◇Game text: 80,000 ◇One main female character and two secondary female characters ◇Deduction and the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry themed game ◇Game endings: 5 types (including a ‘virgin’ ending)


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