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Super Idol

Super Idol is a first-person simulation game that reveals the hidden rules in the music circle. Players will take on the role of the music producer and create a making-a-living story in the music world with his singer sister. 
經營 策略 模擬 男主角 藝人 偶像

Game news

As a role-playing simulation game, the player will take on the role of the music producer to publish albums and participate in the Golden Melody Awards through six processes every year: music meetings, inviting songs, recording, releasing, promoting, and competing. The game's goal is to produce a high-quality album and assist the main character’s sister in winning the Best New Artist in Music or the Best Female Singer Award at the annual Golden Melody Awards ceremony. Then, in the third year, the player should try to form a band, promote cooperation between the idols of his company and other well-known idols, and help his sister open concerts as the ending of the story.  The game envelops the competition and the hidden rules in the music circle, which mainly consists of two major record companies, Cosmic Records and Joss Records. Five endings are provided for players to choose from. Clicking on different buttons, the player may experience the heartfelt love story of [Marrying Sister], the solid brother-sister bond of [Super Idol], the opportunity to support and accompany the blacklisted singer Huaiyu Xu until [Dreams Take Off], the thrill of playing with the hidden rules to become the [King of Hidden Rules], or even the chance to fall into the [Threesome World] with both sister and girlfriend. "Brother, what do you think of my body?" Since she failed to attract me by showering with the door open, now she's coming straight to me to show her body. "Well, I've seen it for thousands of times. It's really good, but it's not good in my eyes." "Why…am I so bad?" It worked since her confidence was weakened a little.  "Brother, I love you, I like you, I want to marry you." …I didn't expect that it only worked for a second. What a headache! This time it was a clear confession. Judging from her expression, she would press her entirely naked body on me if I didn't say something. The story starts with the graduation of Yurou Huang from a music school. The player will take on the role of the young music producer Xinbing Huang and help his brother-obsessed sister, Yurou Huang, enter the glamorous world of show business as a contracted singer to pursue the dream of becoming a super idol, together with other singers! In this role-playing simulation game, you will experience a mixed virtual journey of pursuing dreams with perseverance while degenerating at the mercy of hidden rules. In Super Idol, you can try the role of the music producer and fight your way through the glamorous show business, challenging the boundaries of morality and power. ◆ Gameplay Album Production System: The player can produce an album for the Golden Melody Awards within a budget by choosing a theme song and some backing vocalists. Whether or not you get the Golden Melody Award will affect the openness of the player's choices. Moral Choices: The player will face various moral choices that affect the corruption value of the protagonist, the corruption value of his sister, and the skill and fame of his sister and other singers. These will further impact the album sales and the storyline. Semi-liberal branching system: This system allows players to linger over the choice between morality and corruption until the critical moment. After the choice is made, the player will set foot on the path of becoming a true idol—or fall into the labyrinth of lust. High-level album production: Different album styles are offered for players to choose from, and you can also decide to train a sister or choose to train other singers. These choices will affect album payouts and fame rewards. Rich character interaction: Players can collaborate with songwriters from both companies to create theme songs, partner with female singers to create albums, and experience various sexual situations as the plot develops. A realistic reflection of show business: The game presents both the glamour and the dark side of show business. It can inspire players to think about morality and their choices in reality. In the process, the player can let the sister defeat other competitors using her own strengths or use his social network to escort his sister to the top. Not only will the sister face different choices, but the player will also face the temptation of hidden rules, wavering between advancement and degradation. ◆ Game Features ◇ 36 basic CG, including 400 more differential graphics.  ◇ A game text of 200,000 words ◇ S.RPG (simulation role-playing game) ◇ five kinds of ending


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