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Moving in with My Step-sister

One day, I received a phone call from my folks informing me that my stepsister was moving to the same city for work. It turned out she would be staying in my flat for the time being. A bright pink comet barreled into my humdrum routine. And so, my exciting life began with my stepsister moving in...
純愛 義姊 療癒 輕鬆 皆大歡喜

Game news

◆Story After graduation, I lived alone in a big city, far away from home, in order to pursue my dream. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the big city, my daily routine and work were always the same, split up by nothing but a daily commute between home and the restaurant I worked for. I thought I'd just live a quiet life, plain as water, until one day I got a phone call... The voice on the other end of the line was my mother. "Well, your sister has found a new job, this time in the city where you live, so she'll be coming over to stay with you for a few days. Please take care of her." Before I could respond, my mother hung up the phone quickly on the other end. "Ah..." After I put the phone down, I felt restless. The sister she mentioned on the phone was actually the daughter of my stepfather and his ex-wife. Although we had lived together since we were children, we were more like friends than siblings. Suddenly, we had to live together for a few days. Even though she was my sister, I couldn't help but feel nervous... ◆Gameplay Instructions The protagonist travels between his flat and his workplace every day, while his stepsister has special SMS conversations with him during his breaks from work. Through these SMS conversation options, you can increase his bond with his stepsister to unlock sex events. In addition to SMS conversations, cooking and buying gifts will affect his bond with his stepsister. Going to work will earn money which can be used to buy gifts to improve your sister's popularity. In addition to SMS conversations, cooking and buying gifts can also affect your sister's popularity. ◆Special Cooking Game Follow the recipe, add the ingredients in proportion, and control the heat to create delicious dishes for your stepsister! The more you complete a dish, the more your sister's popularity will increase! Enjoy various reactions and episodes while flirting with your stepsister! ◆Game Features ◇A sweet love simulation game ◇Mouse corresponds to the overall operation ◇Live 2D dynamic HCG ◇SMS special dialogue system ◇Cooking game ◇Full Screen: Alt+Enter


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