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Kami-sama's Personal Servant

The story of the relationship between a god and a young sacrificed boy, the Kami-sama's Personal Servant. A mysterious Fukichi na Kami (a god who brings bad luck) with a mysterious past who lived in the mountains and an orphan boy who was a descendant of an outsider and had been chosen as a sacrifice. What would happen between them?
YAOI 皆大歡喜 純愛 內射 耽美 年下

Noticias del juego

◆Story After the death of his parents, Shifuji, the orphan of an outsider, was kept in captivity by the villagers as a living sacrifice for the Fukichi na Kami once every ten years. When the day of sacrifice arrived, Shifuji was brought to the shrine, only to see the most beautiful sunset of his life and haggard but not at all fierce Kami-sama. Shifuji, who lived at the shrine with the Kami-sama, grew up to be a man. He saw Haruo, the Fukichi na Kami-sama, as his new parent and the most important person in his life. But a regular visit changed everything... What would happen to them? ◆Gameplay Instructions After reading the text storyline, you can decide the young man's actions – Shifuji – through the options. Different choices will lead to different endings. It's up to you to decide whether or not to give them a happy ending. ◆Game Features ◇8 CGs, 2 sex scenes ◇Game text: 70,000 ◇Two main male characters and one female side character ◇An emotional account of the relationship between the two male protagonists ◇Game endings: 9 types (including one True Ending)


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