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Life with a College Girl

I acquainted a girl called Snow on a sugar daddy site. Out of boredom, I asked to meet her, but she turned out to be a cute college girl who asked me to bring her home! What was more, the first day I brought her home, she asked to have sex with me without a condom?! What was the story behind this Snow...?
養成 純愛

Noticias del juego

◆Story As an engineer, apart from a decent salary, I didn't have any personal life at all, let alone a girlfriend. During the rainy and melancholic winter, a female college girl called "Snow" appeared in my life. Snow was innocent and lovely, gentle but with a little devilish character. She had a smile like the sunshine, but she always looked sad at some points. Not only did Snow ask to live with me before the end of winter, she also asked to have unprotected sex with me on the first day we met. Claiming it was her first time and asking me to be gentle, she said she was on the pill...? As we lived together and went on trips together, I slowly got to know Snow and became closer to her, but I could still feel that there were many things she did not want to tell me. She was fine with me doing all sorts of erotic things with her, but never said anything about her feelings for me. And what about me? What were my feelings for Snow? When winter passed, would our relationship fade like melting snow, or could I try to make a change…? ◆Gameplay Instructions During the days when you live with Snow, you can choose to “Watch TV”, “Chat with Snow” or “Go out early in the morning” (increase money) in the morning of workdays. In the evening, you can choose to “Chat” with Snow, to “Have sex. You can also “Shop online” to buy various clothes and items, which not only allows Snow to "Dress up", but also allows you to start various role plays and enjoy your happy days with Snow. On Sundays, you can go on trips with Snow, and every choice you make will have an impact on the final outcome of your relationship with her. ◆Game Features ◇25 basic CGs, including more than 300 differentials ◇Game text: 120,000 ◇One main female character ◇Romantic simulation game ◇Game endings: 2 types


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