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After an accident, Li Ling suffered some physical damage. With the advice and help of his senior, Li Ling entered the hidden club of a high-end hotel, Hidden, where a public BDSM performance by ‘Emperor Zhou Chun’ changed his life. Once reluctant about BDSM, Li Ling struggled between his ego and desires. Eventually, he would…
男主角 調教 感動 束縛道具 鞭子 SM

Noticias del juego

◇Features ◇Full CG mode can be opened in the environment setting to browse HCGs freely ◇Stress-free operation--fast text-skipping system ◇Story ‘I can fulfill your sexual fantasies, but I will not penetrate you with any part of my body during this game.’ ‘Today, I will take you through a real tutelage, and when it is over, if you are satisfied and can trust me, I will help you to heal your disorder.’ ‘If you are comfortable with that, take off your jacket, get down on your knees and kiss my feet. Or get dressed and go home.’ ‘Remember, the game starts once you get down on your knees and kiss my feet.’ I stared down at the feet that had just been running around in leather shoes, now covered in black socks. I could imagine how they might taste. I closed my eyes and made my choice-- ◇Gameplay Instructions A POV game, with the player taking on the role of Li Ling and gradually developing the relationship between Li Ling and Zhou Chun by making choices throughout the texts.


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