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My intimate love with the devil king

The sudden accident took away the good life that originally belonged to me. Abandoned by the world, I could not find the meaning of survival until I met you… In this absurd time, I started my life with the devil King, supporting each other, helping each other, and finally taking a special path together.
純愛 養成 恩愛 幻想 穿越 異世界

Game news

◆Story Growing up in quite a wealthy, lovely family, I thought that everything would be alright, as it is now. But then the accident happened… "It was so painful, so hopeless. I couldn't breathe; my heart felt like it was going to explode. I didn't want to hear anything..." "Nothing matters anymore." An accident took away my family, my life, my everything. All that remained were the eyes that could no longer see a clear view of the world. I was abandoned by the world; I have no value of existence. But I met you, the one who saved me. You are my only light, pulling my hand to go forward. Thus, I live together with the devil King of the other world, getting to know each other in life and having an adventure together that I'd never thought of in my life. But the more I try to understand you, the more I feel that you are suffering more than I thought. You are also an abandoned person. The burden of the country, the distrust of the people, and the hunting of the heroes… All that you have endured is not for one person to bear. Flan, This time, it's my turn to save you. ◆Gameplay In a limited time, help Flan to repair the Otherworld Gate and return to the original world. In the process of repairing the door, come to understand Flan. Players can get to know Flan better by "talking," "interacting," "giving gifts," and "dating," in which other characters will appear. You will be able to interact with other characters in specific ways. There are also objects in the scenes that can be investigated, and the results of the investigation may make your interactions with Flan easier. As time progresses, , there will be different characters and scenes to explore and investigate. You are also able to gradually understand the sorrows of Flan, under the double wrapping of internal and external problems which constitute more than just the plot of love. Each conversation and each event will let the player understand more about the woman who seems strong, but also needs the help in front of them. ◆Game Features ◇23 basic CGs, including more than 200 differentials ◇120,000 words of game text ◇One main female character and two secondary female characters ◇Pure love plot, experiencing two different worlds ◇Game ending: 6 kinds


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