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Parasitic Evil

Amidst a catastrophe, the protagonists find themselves trapped inside a hospital that has been conducting mysterious research. While they manage to survive the initial disaster, they are soon confronted with insane mutations—and the struggle to escape the hospital which leaves both their sanity and physical forms under siege.
初體驗 恐怖 戶外 豐滿 異物 剖面圖

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◆ Background Story In the aftermath of a disaster, the protagonists are brought into a hospital involved in enigmatic research. Despite surviving the ordeal, they are now faced with deranged transformations; they must escape from the hospital which threatens to erode their minds and bodies. ◆ Game Features and Gameplay Evil Spirit Parasitism is a 2D side-scrolling action game, where your survival relies on utilizing various items at hand. Listen keenly to avoid monsters, conceal your tracks, or bravely fight with the available weapons. As you encounter diverse mysteries within the hospital, you must seek the truth behind the events and find a way to escape. The game employs fully dynamic CG production, featuring character illustrations and a variety of erotic or obscene events as content. With increasing experience, more events and dialog will unlock. ◇ Side-scrolling shooter gameplay ◇ Multiple items and intriguing puzzle mini-games, providing a perfect escape from the hospital's enclosed rooms. ◇ Interactive, erotic content, allowing players to engage freely in intimate encounters.


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