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Succubus Girl

Researcher Leo was told on his first day at the institute that he needed to look after some mysterious creature—an innocent girl who fed on semen... There seemed to be more to the girl's secret than that, but no one wanted to reveal the maddening truth.
巨乳 奶子 束縛道具 魔物娘 魔女 魅魔

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"That perpetual being does not die, but in the weird eternity, even death dies." -- Abdul Alhazred, 730 ◆Story There was an organisation that harboured unknown creatures hidden away in the corner of the world. Leo, a promising researcher, joined the renowned Abel Biotechnology Company and was offered a well-paid job by his beautiful yet cold supervisor on his first day. Unable to resist the temptation of money, Leo met a naive and romantic girl named Gaia in a greenhouse-like laboratory filled with the fragrance of plants. [She had to take semen every once in a while?! And she was particularly happy about being touched up?! Occasionally, there were also domineering, cosplay and bondage games.] In the midst of all this day-to-day company—apart from the growing affection and sweet passion—there seemed to be something else buried in the endless darkness of the past… The vision that repeatedly appeared in dreams—what could it mean?! As Leo, could you accept the truth? ◆Gameplay Instructions A simulation game full of exploration and puzzle elements. The player takes on the role of Leo, a researcher who takes care of the succubus girl in the institute. You can try to develop a relationship with the innocent girl and feed her with plenty of love ❤. Or try to solve the mysteries of the facility... Remember, there are many truths in this world--and they are often cruel and heartbreakingly beautiful. ◆Game Features ◆34 basic CGs, including more than 350 differentials and 4 motion CGs ◆Game text: 100,000 ◆One main female character and four secondary female characters ◆SCP Foundation theme, Cthulhu-style game ◆Group sex, tentacles, and gory contents included ◆Game endings: 14 types (including a true ending)


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