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Liu Shan Maker

After Liu Bei's passing, as Zhuge Liang, the Chancellor of Shu Han, not only do I aim to fulfill Liu Bei's wish for a peaceful empire, but I must also nurture Liu Bei's daughter, Liu Shan, entrusted to me as an orphan, to become an adept Empress of Shu Han...
養成 歷史 古裝 奶子 純愛

Notícias do jogo

During the Three Kingdoms era, warlords vied for supremacy, aspiring to unify the Central Plains through strategy and warfare. Yet, amidst the continuous conflict, the long-awaited era of peace and prosperity for the common people remained elusive. The chaos of the Three Kingdoms entered its latter stage after enduring years of incessant battles. In the year 223 AD, on his deathbed, the ailing Emperor Liu Bei entrusted me with the care of his orphaned daughter, Liu Shan, to assist her in ruling and even suggested my intervention in case of her inability to lead. However, as his most loyal advisor, I could not entertain such thoughts. My true aspiration is to groom Liu Shan into a beloved and capable Empress, fostering Shu Han into a powerful nation capable of unifying the realm. This is my life's greatest ambition. However, nothing unfolds as easily as envisioned. Ambitious stepsons eyeing power, rebellions in the southern regions, rebellious generals, and the invasion by Cao Wei posed successive challenges upon Liu Shan's ascension… Amidst internal strife and external threats, what choices should I make to lead Shu Han toward an era of peace and prosperity while nurturing Liu Shan to become a wise and benevolent Empress? ◆ Gameplay Players take on the role of Zhuge Liang, supporting Liu Shan's reign as the Chancellor of Shu Han, nurturing her into an exceptional Empress capable of unifying the realm during tumultuous times. They must navigate the challenges faced by the nation. Each month in the game allows decisions on two national policies and three arrangements for Liu Shan's development. Policy decisions impact the nation's metrics while nurturing Liu Shan involves choices between "Studying," "Conversations," "Outings," and "Rest," enabling her to lead a balanced life and foster goodwill. Every decision and arrangement influences the destiny of Liu Shan and the nation. ◆ Game Features ◇ 23 basic CGs, including over 250 variations ◇ Management and cultivation gameplay ◇ One main female character and three secondary female characters ◇ Word Count: 150,000 words ◇ Game Endings: 10 variations


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