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Fatal Countdown - immoral List of Desires

Order disappeared overnight in the sudden artillery fire. The usually safe city had now become a dangerous area. Faced with the lack of resources, were you going to sit there and wait for your doom or go to save your own companions and escape with them from the city that had been transformed into
強姦 項圈 婊子 色誘 多P 奴隸

Notícias do jogo

◆Story A mysterious virus attacked the entire city... All the law enforcement officials suddenly disappeared, and the order of the city quickly collapsed... The city had become a checklist with all the words of desire written on it... The ugliness of the human nature was impacting my sanity. Under the chaos, women had become toys Survival was at stake, and humanity was put to the test! Although I was "handcuffed" and "branded," I would not admit defeat... I was accompanied by Alice, my childhood friend, and Ada, my brother's wife... Could I survive in this chaotic city and get them out of there? Or would I lose my mind in this depraved city and go completely insane? ◆Gameplay instructions When starting the game, you will have three chances to take action every day, and you will consume a certain amount of food every day. [Equipment] can increase the character's attack and defense. [Medicine] can restore HP and insanity. [Building materials] can strengthen the defense ability of the shelter to protect you through the dangerous daytime. [Going out] can trigger new plots and collect items, as well as discover new companions. [Insanity] is an important parameter that affects the game's ending. Different mental crash values will trigger different game endings as you progress through the game. [ATK] can be enhanced by increasing your companion's and your own equipment. Not every enemy can be treated peacefully. [HP] Low HP affects the number of actions you can take. The lower your HP, the fewer actions you can take, but you can recover with medicine. ◇Tip: Daytime is the most dangerous in the city. Your shelter needs to have enough defense


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