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The Impregnation of the Elves: Conquest of the Arrogant Fairies by Impregnation

"These arrogant Elves are capturing us Orcs as semen cows because they want to get pregnant?! Looks like I have to use the sword on my crotch to teach them a lesson, show these Elves the terror of Orcs!"
皆大歡喜 奶子 屁股 束縛道具 精靈 格鬥

Notícias do jogo

✦Game Introduction As an Orc, you're imprisoned by a group of arrogant Elves as a semen cow with no rights. However, you received the Goddess' enlightenment, got out of the predicament and began your revenge on these Elves. This is a simple 2D fighting game, by making good use of the different skills, you can break the arrogant Elves' armours and then punish them with the holy rod!" ✦Game Features -15 Basic CGs -6 arrogant Elves to challenge -Simple, easy-to-understand, stress-free storyline -Plentiful and exciting fighting styles -Breaking their armour will change things up


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