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Qi Luo ’s Erotic Life

Every beautiful flower has its thorns. In pursuit of what she wants, the good-figured Qi Luo can satisfy all needs, except her heart, of different men as long as they need her and can meet her needs. In Qi Luo’s opinion, such a deed is called “needs for needs”.
女性角度 淫亂 多P 路人姦 百合 色誘

Notícias do jogo

◆ Story All the men in the world are the same creatures. They think they own me by covering my body and that I depend on them. It is the opposite. I can either moan on the bed or whisper “I am only for you” into their ears to satisfy their needs. Yet it is just a game. It is a fair game in which I seek what I want from you by satisfying your desires. And I never thought it was wrong. Bai Li, my only friend, who never could understand me, never left me. In this world, she is the only one who treats me sincerely. Even though she often appears to be hesitant to say something. When I successfully entered the government agencies, I got to know many celebrities in government and business and talented youth. After repeated exchange games for interests, I should be gradually approaching the life I want, but why do I now feel I’m more and more empty and that the world around me is becoming worse and worse? To make it worse, the horrible memories, which happened to me and were sealed inside me, came back to haunt me like a ghost when I was defenceless... ◆ Gameplay This is a first-person adventure game (AVG) in which the player takes the role of Qi Luo, the heroine, to deal with different men. There are many choices in the game. Every choice will influence other roles’ opinions of the heroine, affecting the final ending. Moreover, those seemingly ordinary choices can also bring players a new perspective to view the story and discover a new world. ◆ Game Features ◇ 17 basic CG, including 200 differential graphics ◇ A game text of 95,000 words ◇ One main heroine, one minor heroine ◇ 7 kinds of ending


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