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Elf boss' dog training

This is a world where women are superior to men: women are God's creatures, and men are inferior animals that have evolved from male dogs in heat. If you want to change your inferior status, you can only become an employee of the world's number one company, the "Empress Group." I was fortunate enough to be given such an opportunity. But the next seven days of training…will eventually change me. Will I give in to my fate as a male dog in heat?
SM 言語羞辱 調教 上司 男性受 精靈

게임 뉴스

◆Story This is a world where women are superior to men. According to the theory of evolution, women are God’s creatures, and men are inferior animals evolved from male dogs in heat, so men are naturally inferior to noble women. No matter how smart a man is, when facing a woman he can only threw himself at her feet (and yield to the beauty of her skirt.) But is it really good to let your sexual desire rule you? I didn’t want to give in to this unreasonable world, so I spent my life seeking to change my status. I finally succeeded in joining the world's number one company and a man's paradise, the Empress Group. But everything that happened during the training phase of the Empress Group went beyond my expectations, because the training was not about improving knowledge but strengthening sexuality. "Trust me, I'll help you get through the training." Fortunately, my direct supervisor helped me in this critical situation—and she is a beautiful elf, how fortunate. However, it is up to me to seize the opportunity to change my status. In these seven days, I have witnessed many male colleagues degenerate into male dogs in heat, dating their beautiful bosses, but then there are the mysterious rebels… And all of this shows that the Empress Group is not as simple as it seems. Moreover, why has the world become like this? Anyway, from the moment I entered the Empress Group, I could not escape. In the end, will I become one of the employees, or will I give in to my sexual desire and become a male dog in heat, finally with my beautiful boss as a couple…? ◆Gameplay There are multiple options in the main storyline, and each choice will affect the final ending. The development of the plot will gradually open the explorable area. [Think] can provide a hint for the main line. The protagonist needs to explore each area according to all the previous experience, discovering the truth of the world. ◆Game features ◇18 basic CGs, including more than 700 differentials ◇90,000 words of game text ◇One main female character ◇Reasoning plot and boss conditioning theme games ◇Game ending: 9 kinds


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