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Elf Sex Farm

Elves’ Sex Farm is a farming game that combines eroticism and business management in a fantasy world where you live a sex-filled life. Earn a fortune, collect more women, develop your home.
乳頭 養成 純愛 變態 胸部 奶子

Neuigkeiten zum Spiel

◆Story Background Born a nobleman, your love affair with your maid was not allowed, so you took your maid and ran away from your family. You bought an abandoned cottage in a remote area where you would live for the rest of your life; you were determined to roll up your sleeves, develop the land, build your home, and cope with all kinds of changes to the world around you. You needed to plan for the future. You should stock up on supplies to protect you from the cold and hunger. In these hard times, the maid who accompanied you will work for you during the day and relieve your fatigue at night. In addition, this is a world where demons capture women to breed their offspring. If you save them from the demons, they will be at your disposal in return. ◆Gameplay Instructions: Collect supplies, plan the farm, build fences, keep livestock, work hard during the day, and enjoy the sweet life at night. Unlock more content to produce and a variety of “sex toys” and “sex positions" step by step. You can even experience making women pregnant in the game. ◆Game Features: ◇More than 30 basic CGs, including more than 150 differentials ◇More than 50 types of synthetic materials, props, and construction devices in total ◇Dozens of special scenes and creatures living in different areas ◇3 maps with day and night changes, which you can roam freely


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